a year of powerful change.

2020 Impact Report

Income Statement 2020 2019
Assets $17,244,366 $10,199,078
Cash $6,873,950 $5,998,180
Grants Receivable $645,511 $424,204
Endowment $8,979,002 $3,704,568
Other $745,903 $72,125
Liabilities $205,801 $471,459
Accounts Payable $81,100 $242,816
Grants Payable $62,600 $204,486
Other $62,101 $24,157
Net Assets $17,038,565 $9,727,619
Revenue $10,768,430 $9,200,578
Grants/Contributions $9,952,950 $8,655,000
Government Grants/Earned Revenue $574,366 $509,895
Other $241,115 $35,682
Expenses $4,234,209 $3,248,520
Grants & Program Services $3,603,122 $2,804,111
Management & General $631,087 $444,409
Net Income $7,308,655 $6,146,927

In 2020, we grew our organization to over $17 million in assets.

Since 2014, our investments have leveraged over $50 million into our neighborhoods.

We awarded $758,201 in grants during 2020 through our Catalytic, Love My Neighbor!, and CARE Fund grant programs.

Catalytic Grants Programs Awarded in 2020

Four $15,000 and under grants have been approved!

Office of Public Art – Art and Larimer Senior Citizen Engagement

Radiant Hall – Knotzland Artist Residency

Cocoapreneur – Greenwood Week 2020

Spring Cycle

A Peace of Mind – Start Great, Grow Up Great

Daisy Wilson Artist Community – August in the Schools

Just Harvest Education Fund – Neighborhood-based Food Desert Intervention

WAVE – Housing Counseling Services


The CARE Fund application was open for two weeks in April and we received 29 applications. 21 of those applications met all the basic criteria. 12 grants of $10,000 and one grant of $5,000 were awarded in May 2020 (See catalytic section below for a list of those awarded grants).

These awards were emergency dollars intended to amplify direct community support in the forms of food, health or safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Awards Distributed


Brashear Association


Circles of Greater Pittsburgh




Community Empowerment Association


Hilltop Alliance


Hill District Consensus Group


Larimer Consensus Group


Macedonia FACE


Millvale CDC/Millvale Library


Sankofa Village


The Eat Initiative


The Way Organization


Wilkinsburg Community Ministry

This award will ensure the continuation of the popular Hilltop Alliance program, Fresh Fridays, which is a food distribution initiative.This investment, which is particularly needed due to recent food pantry closures in the Hilltop, will guarantee the program can provide resources to Hilltop neighbors for the remainder of 2020.

This investment will allow the Wilkinsburg Community Ministry to install refrigerated food lockers as an inventive component of their feeding program. This new equipment will enhance food access for Wilkinsburg residents who cannot frequent the pantry during standard hours of operation. Each pantry patron will be provided with a code to access the locker at their convenience.

This grant will allow Civically to continue their provision of safety-net services to the Wilkinsburg neighborhood. Civically will be able to continue their distribution of free masks to the Wilkinsburg community, as well as the provision of weekly produce boxes throughout the remainder of the crop/harvest season.

Love my Neighbor!

Total Number of Grantees 192
Total Grant Dollars Awarded $389,020
Allentown $18,889
Beltzhoover $35,350
Knoxville $31,889
Hill District $65,219
Homewood $56,200
Lincoln-Lemington $41,750
Larimer $20,000
Millvale $30,572
Wilkinsburg $58,341