path to equity

2021 Impact Report


Over the brief five year history of The Partnership Network (TPN), our network has grown and evolved into a trust-based community of local nonprofits, focused on eliminating systemic inequalities through a more effective ecosystem of service delivery and resident empowerment. A critical piece of this ecosystem are the individuals leading the organizations doing this incredibly important and taxing work each and every day. These nonprofit leaders are at a high risk of burnout and mental health impacts, a serious concern which was only exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis. 

Through conversations between members TPN, the Nonprofit Resilience Program (NRP) was established to support and strengthen the wellbeing of leaders of community development organizations across the region. The program creates a space where leaders can be honest about their challenges, build trust with their peers, and access individual and organizational capacity building assistance. NRP contains three phases that focus on individual self-care, relationship building, and leader/organizational development. 

The Nonprofit Resilience Program has four goals:

  1. Develop healthy leaders
  2. Create trust and connectivity
  3. Build organizational capacity
  4. Strengthen the talent pipeline

Each new cohort has built upon the one that came before it, helping participants navigate the most relevant and pressing concerns they are currently facing. In 2021, two cohorts of leaders participated in NRP and the program was able to secure funding for two more cohorts in 2022. The program was made possible by the generous support of the Staunton Farm Foundation and the Jack Buncher Foundation. Read more about the reach and impact of the Nonprofit Resilience Program here.

What the The Partnership Network provides:

TPN members, and as a collective group, work at both the organization and resident-level with a commitment to being people-centered in their work. In order to achieve this goal the members have agreed to implement the following practices which are critical to how they will manage their intra-network relationships and expectations:


Aligning Resources


Creating Transparency


Articulating Shared Outcomes

Current TPN Member Organizations include: