The rebrand will focus on community heroes, past and present as well as newly commissioned murals, street banners, and commercials.

Feb. 1, 2021 / PRZen / PITTSBURGH — The Homewood Experience has announced its first official marketing campaign and rebrand for the Homewood Community, coinciding with Black History Month. Homewood, the historically Black, rich, and vibrant Pittsburgh community, has been the home to the likes of Chuck Cooper, the first black player in the NBA, prolific black artists like Mary Lou Williams and even Andrew Carnegie.

The Homewood Experience is presented by Soleil Branding Essentials and Pyramid Pgh LLC, in partnership with Neighborhood Allies, the Homewood Community Development Collaborative, and supported by the city’s official destination marketing organization, Visit Pittsburgh. The rebrand is focused on bringing the positivity and pride of Homewood to the forefront while catering to its current residents and community engagement. The new commercials and social media content will showcase what makes the neighborhood so illustrious.

“My partner and I have always been excited about the Homewood experience, yet the community brand launch adds another layer of excitement and honor as we’re able to present your vision and voice to you, as residents. It is our hope that when you experience our new branding campaign, you can see a reflection of yourself, and are able to connect in a way that stirs both pride and eagerness to share and be apart of the narrative that Homewood is Home!” said Soleil Meade, Project Manager, The Homewood Experience.

The Experience offers a blended approach to community engagement, business development, sustainability, and cultural integrity, providing national, state, and local grant resources, street banners, and mural art walks highlighting local artists, a digital footprint, and more.

For more information on The Homewood Experience, visit On social, please connect with the initiative on Facebook via ‘The Homewood Experience’ and Instagram @TheHomewoodExperience. For media inquiries, please email Candice Nicole at

About The Homewood Experience

The Homewood Experience brought to you by Soleil Branding Essentials and Pyramid Pgh LLC in partnership with Neighborhood Allies and the Homewood Community Development Collaborative offers a blended approach to community engagement, business development sustainability, cultural integrity, all under the guise of an authentic branding narrative that preserves the history and pride of the Homewood Community.

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