GRANT: Small & Simple $15,000NSR MODE_logo_print
PROGRAM: Social Innovation Program
GRANTEE: New Sun Rising

In May of 2014 Neighborhood Allies awarded New Sun Rising (NSR) with a Small & Simple Grant in the amount of $15,000 to support the pilot phase of NSR’s MODE Social Innovation Program.

MODE serves Pittsburgh by connecting entrepreneurial social impact projects and ideas to expertise while integrating social-specific programs, such as mentoring, fiscal sponsorship, social impact education, resource accessibility, impact fundraising and community immersion within partnering collaborative co-working, incubators spaces.

Since our investment, NSR has provided this critical support to 146 leaders on over 100 creative, innovative, community-serving projects. In addition, NSR has leveraged our investment with over $665,000 in additional funding from Henry Hillman Opportunity Fund, Pittsburgh Foundation, Buhl Foundation.

This leveraged funding is enabling NSR to expand their capacity and resources to positively impact the social, cultural and environmental landscape across Pittsburgh!