Launched in spring 2017, in partnership with our allies at Grounded, the PGH Mobile Toolbox has continued to add capacity, facilitation, and resources to many community-based projects throughout its 2018 run.

Photo courtesy of Grounded Strategies

In its 2nd season, the PGH Mobile Tool Box has provided tools and technical expertise at 35 workdays, engaged with 15 communities, coordinated over 300 volunteers, and helped 21 outdoor spaces become vibrant community gathering spots.  Implementation of the toolbox has helped to remove multiple barriers for residents attempting to start innovative community projects and beautify vacant land in neighborhoods including access to enough proper gardening tools and expetise surrounding gardening, soil, and other outdoor work. The toolbox has helped to pave the way for the repurposing of overgrown lots as spaces for community connection and greenery, as well as provide resources for the maintenance of these areas.

The range of projects over the course of this season has included the installation and maintenance of food, urban, and flower gardens as well as several community clean ups and celebration event preparation. From a work day at the Hilltop Urban Farm in the South Hilltop, to the Larimer Community Garden, to the African Healing Garden in Homewood, the PGH Mobile Toolbox has visited neighborhoods all over the city.

PGH Mobile Toolbox 2018 By the Numbers:

  • 35 workdays completed
  • 15 neighborhoods engaged
  • 329 volunteers coordinated
  • 21 outdoor spaces revitalized!

[metaslider id=12091]Photos provided by Grounded

Thank you to all of the continuous support we have received for the PGH Mobile Toolbox! We hope to see you next season for more green space revitalization and gathering of community!